White European Preservation Thread.


Communism is kaput everywhere that counts. Despotism survives.

I’ll agree that all centralized governments are despots including communist ones.

Use any label you want. The American experience is that of people from all over the place coming here to live. It’s like a giant university. There are still ethnic ghettos and various racial enclaves. And there are places where one diaspora after another has deposited people after transporting them from their original foothold.

The children of immigrants learn English and go to school and keep the food choices but look for a home with more bathrooms. And they “intermarry” (gasp!).
Or sometimes they don’t. This is not the most difficult material I could throw at you.

Jus’ sayin’…

You should read The Sneetches, by Dr. Seuss. That will break it down for you.

Democracy can be despotic when everything is going so well that no one really cares.

Which is what is going on right now.

Even the ACLU looks good right now.


The reality is that global foreign immigration in the west is utilized as a monetary or corporate aggregate as a way of suppressing wages economically for domestic workers. Foreign immigration is a corporate tool of reducing the living standards and wages of indigenous European populations economically. This is why when political advocates that call even for limited global immigration or migration are called racists because racism is a magical word in the tool kit of the establishment to silence all opposition.

Also, Europeans constitute 8% of the global population for sake of reference. In the turn of the next century that number will be more like 4%.

yeah, it depresses wages, but that’s because our immigration polices suck out loud, not because of immigration per se. But it depresses wages for everyone. Immigration should be managed. It’s been botched. But don’t blame the immigrants. Blame the fact that all the rhetoric is about love and hate and not about economics.

There has never been a fair, egalitarian, or equitable form of democracy in the history of the world. Democracy has always been oligarchic since its inception.

When you have a failed state or economy you don’t invite more people in your nation as that only exasperates things even more. Moreover an indigenous population can’t help but hate an invading foreign force that is being utilized to supplant and conquer them. There is no room for love, gentleness, or respect there. No, we all can’t get along together nicely.

Life is oligarchic. That’s irrelevant in respect to government. Democracy just arranges the oligarchy differently than other systems do.

So what?

Failed state? Failed economy?

What did they do to you?

Did you lose your house or something?

I spent nine years of my life homeless off and on in my twenties, so yes I have bit of a grudge you might say against the international oligarchy that controls the west including the United States. Life is oligarchic? You know nothing of life then. Democracy is just another centralized government despot which is why I don’t support any kind of centralized government order. I am a decentralist to my core.

What the United States has become it doesn’t even deserve the title of nation state because in nation states people collectively hold common values and shared identity. The United States now resembles more of territorial corporate conglomerate that has its own military and police force. Currently this is what internationalists around the world wish to transform every western nation into. The foreign children like their parents are usurpers and in every conceivable form there is the ongoing effort to disrupt family reproduction of white Europeans politically, socially, and economically.

I would be influenced by being homeless for years. So your an anarchist. So why criticize one form of government? That would be like me, as an atheist, choosing one religion to particularly hate.

I’m an ex-anarchist. I don’t subscribe to anarchism anymore. I’m a tribalist that believes in small localized government where I view small populations are better managed than larger ones. I believe large nations are a thing of the past where eventually large nations like the United States will splinter splitting off into several miniature territorial nation states. I believe this to be an eventual phase of the future worldwide for all nations as we know them now.

I criticize all large centralized governments and bureaucracies, I am not opposed to decentralized small governments of which I support.

Move to Maine. All they think about is wood.

And Allen’s Coffee Brandy.

Thanks for the suggestion, it’s actually on my list of places to go visit.

The United States was created by Europeans and Europeans are indigenous to its creation.

Why are you opposed to one race families? Given the disproportionate amount of violence on whites by blacks and hispanics I myself wouldn’t be very trusting of just anybody off of the street.

Have you ever lived in area where whites are an ethnic minority? Yes, or no?

Are you just another white limousine liberal from a gated community?

No, the United States was dominantly European from 1776-1965

In 1965 the United States was opened up to unlimited foreign immigration primarily from non-European nations and has been going downhill since then.