White European Preservation Thread.

While you are at it suppressing wages via importing cheap labor and future welfare recipients, don’t forget to pump some credit into useless college degree holders and future catladies.
America needs to catch up and become like China, soon surpass them and become like India, maybe even reach levels of Zimbabwe.
Third-worldism also featured in economics.

Don’t worry about some potential increase in labor costs though. If you find yourself having financial trouble you should consider a change in occupation, perhaps become a roofer or perhaps more realistically in your case a gardner.
It’s an upgrade.

We’ve gone full retard, arrested for refusing to take off confederate hockey mask? :laughing: WTF!

Man is considered dangerous for wearing hockey mask! :laughing:

Public wearing of a mask is illegal in many US states. He was told it was illegal and refused to take it off, so the cuffs went on…simple.

You may wear masks over here but the police have the power to make
you remove them should they want you to which is entirely reasonable

Actually no. But since you are so immutably enraptured by your perspective, I will not make any attempt to show you the light in the midst of your overpowering darkness.

It’s alright for riot police to wear masks or antifa but not confederate sympathizers, got it.

We had to reassign an Asian sports speaker because his name is Robert Lee. :laughing:

Fucking hilarious!

I’m triggered just hearing his name! :laughing:

The attack by the left on homogenous nation states is their insistent belief that no culture or race is monolithic yet their insistence of molding the entire world into a giant melting pot is posed to create a global monolithic new culture and race of human beings. Can you be any more hypocritical and in contradiction of yourselves?

This is the so called diversity they’re promoting! Just remember speaking of white European genocide is heretical in the era of weaponized foreign immigration!

Blonde hair and hazel eyes? Were they smoking crack at the National Geographic headquarters? More like darker skin, hair, and eyes.

Liberal-leftism has a deep resentment and hatred toward any form and manifestation of “Privilege” or advantage in life. Because they are dominated by “Blank-Slate Theory”, Social Justice, and their ideal that all fields must be “equalized” so that every human being is born in “equal” position to succeed in life. It seems noble, at first, to want to “equalize” the playing field. But in practice, and reality, it’s atrocious, malevolent, and evil.

Why do parents, adults, and people in general work hard, except to provide advantages for their children? Isn’t it obvious that parents and adults want to push their own children ahead in life? Yes, it’s too obvious. Therefore left-liberalism is anti-real and anti-reality.

The extreme of left-liberalism is to impose upon society “No Inheritance” type laws. You would be disallowed, illegal, by law, to leave your children $100,000. Or $10,000. If left-liberalism dominated society then no inheritance at all would be allowed, because it would mean that some children have advantage over others. The inverse of this, is that no debt ought to take place too. But left-liberals are usually immoral, and ignore the topic of debt. Thus, the future could potentially be one where everybody is born into huge debt, that you owe $500,000 to “society” just for being born, but again, inheritance would be illegal.

That’s a possible Dystopian reality for the future, if left-liberals keep gaining power.

So back to the topic, what’s the deal with the mixed-race “Gray” woman? Why do liberal-leftists so strongly advocate “other” forms of “beauty”? Why do they want to smash all races into one? Because, again, they want to topple privileges and “inheritance”.

“White beauty” is a form of inheritance, of privilege, and so, will be attacked by liberal-leftism. They want to prove “beauty” wrong. They want to over-throw beauty, replace it with ugliness, or any ‘alternative’ form of beauty. They want to rebel against the status-quo (of what people intuitively recognize as beautiful).

They are anti-Nature and anti-Reality for these reasons.

The PEW Research Center is somewhat trustworthy, I guess.

So, get this too, please:


But seriously: It is true. Globalism with its side effects does not only accelerate the global warming but also (think of its other side effects like Balkanization, Brazilianization, Islamization) makes everyone dumber, everything cheaper, especially the lives of almost all humans. Then, almost all humans can be bought in a very much easier way than before. They become cheaper and cheaper, cheaper than ever before, become use-and-throw things. So at last they will be thrown away forever. The globalists will not need them anymore then.

Globalism is an era, and this era will not last forever. Either it will be the last era, or it will be replaced by an era of an old kind (again).

In the following video, Helmuth Nyborg points out the clear relationship between distance from the equator and both brain size and intelligence. At or close to the equator, the average IQ is 69, whereas at a latitude of 54 degrees the average IQ is 98. Nyborg observes that races could logically be classified as "eco-types“, since their traits reflect the ecological niches in which they evolved. He also notes that unlike the North/South gradient in IQ there is no East/West gradient, virtually proving that it is the challenges of a cold climate that have forced northern peoples to evolve higher intelligence and a greater capacity for cooperation. He points out that e.g. Arabs have lower-than-expected IQs relative to the latitudes in which they evolved, probably due to the dysgenic effects of frequent cousin marriages.

Two forces could destroy the Western Civilization. One is a social system that taxes the competent to subsidize the proliferation of the incompetent. As Nyborg notes, "the welfare-state debases what created high civilization in the first place - this is the first time in history that the less fit are reproducing more than the more fit“. At the same time, lower-IQ non-Europeans are pouring into the continent, bringing with them alien practices and religions. Nyborg concludes with a warning: Unless Europeans are able to reverse these two trends, "the result could be the undoing of the Enlightenment - we may be on the precipice of a new dark era“ .



Climate zones:

"My personal fear is that we face civil war.“ - Helmuth Nyborg (cp. in the above video above: youtube.com/watch?v=02vvYDxXQ3w&t=1653s )

"I personally find that our children deserve a better future than that …“ - Helmuth Nyborg (cp. in the above video: youtube.com/watch?v=02vvYDxXQ3w&t=1670s )

Globalism is a consolidation period where all nation states are competing against each other for natural resources that are peaking across the planet. It is essentially a technological and military race to see who is left to conquer the entire world geo-politically. The end result of this madness will be a nightmare for every living human being left afterwards, these are my thoughts anyways.

Still, I am hoping that after this global ghetto project fails (which it will sooner or later) there will be opportunity to build something better afterwards from its ruins. I am hoping that remnant European survivors of this global chimera will be able to forge a new society and identity learning from our previous collective mistakes or errors. This of course assumes there will be any survivors at all from the current global calamities that plague us as total annihilation can always knock on our front at any time.

S [ Section ] 60 is a legitimate power and a tactical option for the MPS to use in the prevention of serious violence and the detection of dangerous
instruments and offensive weapons [ and in certain circumstances the removal of items worn wholly or mainly for the purpose of concealing identity ]


I want to add something to Nyborg’s statements in the above video, where Nyborg notes that e.g. "the welfare-state debases what created high civilization in the first place - this is the first time in history that the less fit are reproducing more than the more fit“. We know from e.g. the schoolyard that high-IQ pupils and low-IQ pupils behave very differently. The high-IQ pupils behave in a more reasonable way and think that intelligence is the best way to get success, whereas the low-IQ pupils behave in a more violent way and think that violence is the only way to get success.

The behavior of the high-IQ pupils is very similar to the behavior of the Faustians which Nyborg, referring to Charles Murray’s book "Human accomplishment“ (2003), calls "High Civilization“ / "European Core“ / "males born in a small area of northern Europe“ (the entire area of the Germanic speaking people and the north-northwest area of the Romanic speaking people [ youtube.com/watch?v=02vvYDxXQ3w&t=179s ]), thus: the area where the Occidental culture (a.k.a.: Faustian culture) originated with its soul (according to Spengler: „die faustische Seele“ ["the Faustian soul“]).

What Nyborg describes is a scientifically secured version of the Faustian story / history.

Back to the schoolyard: Very often, the low-IQ pupils win against the high-IQ pupils who are, in addition to that, often called „Streber“ (German) or "nerd“/"geek“ (English). It depends on the number: if low-IQ pupils are many more than the high-IQ pupils, then the high-IQ pupils have no chance to win against the low-IQ pupils. (Then proverbs come true: “The wiser head gives in.” “The cleverer give in.”)

Politically said: By welfare and immigration politics, the welfare states help the low-IQ people win against the high-IQ people. What Spengler predicted as „die farbige Weltrevolution“ ("the colored world revolution“) has become reality since the end of the second world war or, at the latest, since the end of the cold war. Very likely, this will lead to a civil war, if not to more than a civil war.

[tab]spengler_oswald_um_1917.jpg- onesourcebook.com/download/the-d … e-west.pdf .

spengler_grab_mit_kranz.jpg- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oswald_Sp … .281918.29 .[/tab]
The reason why many Faustian people are scared these days is a real threat (!) - not the foreign race of the immigrants or the sex or something like that.

zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-2 … te-farmers

One can argue that they took that land by bloodshed, and they lost that land by bloodshed… not buying it, like others do elsewhere, so perhaps there is a moral to the story.

The world and world leaders need to resolve historically-caused issues, but the childish nature of the average human will continue to prohibit any resolutions, until humans evolve out of this infancy stage of once-necessary human behaviours and instincts that now serve no purpose but that of to have an animalistic warring mindset.

And no, I don’t agree with any of it.