White European Preservation Thread.

It’s interesting you can morally justify the slaughter of white European farmers.

I did? :confused: Many have been slaughtered in the name of land and resource, so wake up and smell the human condition… along with your coffee.

I simply like playing devils advocate… well someone’s gotta do it. :wink:

Funny how that’s the only thing you got from my post… without seeing what got things to that stage. Whites killing blacks en masse, blacks killing whites en masse… all in the name of what? As a Caribbean, I feel very privileged to be out of that game… I do not care for it, or most other games… come to that. Not interested in a petty way of existence.

It’s one thing to be a colonial invading force and another to just be simple farmers making a living. One are combatants while the others are not.

Get a look at this bullshit…

Stormfront forum has been taken down. It seems it is now becoming illegal to have a voice or opinion against the establishment. If you’re a white European nationalist, identitarian, or preservationist your views are not allowed. Overtime, just how much of the internet do they expect they can censor?

The internet is way too big to censor and those who are being censored will simply move on and find other platforms instead
The idea that only certain opinions can be expressed must be rejected for it is anathema to the very principle of free speech

What the idiots in mass don’t realize is that it won’t stop with censoring nationalist or anti-government groups as eventually they’ll use the same kind of censorship eventually for any group of people that challenge the state. The joke is on everybody.

This is only the beginning…

It may have started out with good intentions [ albeit misguided ones ] but it can and unfortunately will extend far beyond the usual suspects given enough time
Free speech should not be decided by those with the most money and power or those who use political correctness to censor expression they do not agree with



As white Europeans become the new ethnic minorities of each individual nation we reside in we will in turn become second hand citizens or denizens. This is the future of the multicultural and multiracial agenda being set out all throughout the west. There is no coexistence in this future.







ANTIFA the organization of peace?