Why are some people popular in main society?

What makes a person most popular in main society?

  • Clothes
  • Physical appearance
  • Wealth
  • Personality
  • Intelligence
  • Promiscuity
  • Being Trendy
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What makes a person popular in main society? Is it how one dresses? How well one looks? Why are some people unpopular?

what makes me so great? is it the clothes that i wear? my fantastic personality? my unforgettable physical arrearance? my glowing complexion?

-don’t forget your startling modesty… :wink:

It must be that unforgettable physical arrearance. I don’t even know what that is but that must be it. Either that or your magnatism.


I have a stunning arrearance. And my magnatism is unparalled. But what really makes me speshal is my masteek I think.

I think it might have something to do with coolness. But is one cool because they’re popular, or popular because they’re cool? And what is coolness?
I think it has something to do with being a conforming non-conformist. Or maybe it’s just confidence in yourself.


I’m the least popular person I know. Make of that what you will.

Why would one be especially interested in popularity?

Post a picture, then we can judge for ourselves.

Only those with friends would ask that.

Maybe. But a few, close, meaningful friends beats popularity anyday (or so I would imagine).

It depends on your mentality. I’ve met plenty who’d assert the opposite. Some people just like having lots and lots and lots of friends.

its the closer you meet with a large group of approval. The closer your public image is to society’s image of perfect, cool, or beautiful. I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of social popularity, and I attribute it to the fact(and seriousl I’m not an ego maniac) I am intelligent, decent looking, and probably the most important I have a knack at being able to relate to people. I can quickly judge a person, where they are comming from, and then speak to them on there terms.

Celebrity short term- looks, fad, drama
Celebrity long term- talent

So in closing, I guess I think its social skills, and talent. We as a society worship talent, we worship our singers, and footballers.

My financial arrearance makes me unpopular with my creditors.

But there is no one “society’s image of…” there is a proliferation of conflicting images. Is society’s image of female beauty Calista Flockhart or Jennifer Lopez? The anorexic or the voluptuous latina?

If this is all true then you should have already been aware of what I said in my previous comment.

Celebrity short term - good PR
Celebrity long term - excellent PR

We do tend to worship sports stars and entertainers (of all races, you may note) more than any other type of celebrity. No disagreement there.

And similarly with pop music stars. There is no one popular image. You’ve got Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Amy Lee (of Evanescence), etc. Each one has its own devoted fanbase and its own ideal of what is good music. It’s hard to even think of what “main society” would be in this case, except whatever is the single biggest group. And who cares about catering to the single biggest group when perhaps a somewhat smaller group is more to your tastes?

I believe that it has something to do with the amount of anxiety one causes in other people. Being around a nice or average looking person can reduce anxiety (in some it can cause it), saying things that are average or agreeable, not caring or pretending not to, and having accepted or promoted clothes can also limit anxiety in others. So, put all of these things together and then you get a being that does not make others nervous.

Now, I think that this holds true for the young as they tend to be very nervous people.

However, as one gets older I think that many people get bored with being conformist. Then, they tend to enjoy meeting and dealing with people that are different, as that spices things up.

By the way, ladies, if you base your fame on your looks, then take a guess what will happen to that over time.

Popularity is confidence. I know 2 women of very similar appearance,intelligence,and personality (both are also about 50lbs overweight). P is very confident and talks to everybody, while K feels so insecure about her weight that she is a wallflower wherever she goes. P has never had problems getting boyfriends and has an active social life. K is a 23-yr-old virgin (not by choice) who has a small social circle, comprised mostly of her fellow Music student peers. P believes she is attractive,acts like she is attractive, so other people see her as attractive.

I would say popularity in this day and age is completely social constucted.

The media shows us these “hollywood” people and we are told they are “beautiful, amazing, cute etc” They effectivly programm us into believing that is what beauty etc is. So in the real world we try and find those with that type of look and persona. It may just be the attitude of a celebrity that makes one popular.

yes, what E. Goffman said about acting is that there is certain level of acting in what we believ to be real life and vice versa, there is somehing real in acting (what we understand as a performance in all senses of word, e.g. acting out our social role).

I believe what makes one poluar is the ability to manouvre people in the way they like to be dealt with, but this ability comes with an ‘unadulterated’ high self-confidence. I believe raising of self-confidence is the other side of the coin of forgetting our defects. One has always some reason for remembering one’s defects. People with good memories (either directed at themselves or at others) are not popular.

From the options above I voted for wealth. Which entails promiscuity, clothes, appearance. If personality is understood in terms of baing able to effect others by means of language, then personality is important. Yet, not all great people with great personality are popular, just because perhaps they have no justified means of expressing themselves (status, language, power…).