Why do some people become bald at an early age?

I have seen some who thinks much and study much loses their hair, thus I have seen those who has their hair.

but most importantli, I have read in the religious books, that people loses their hair because it is a punishment from god for they have fail to observe its teachings and the commandments. If it is true, then many priests are truly are astray, it would be a shame to call someone who is a Chrisitian because they are not true christians, for they would not have crucify St. Joan of ARc.

I looked in the mirror today
My eyes just didn’t seem so bright
I’ve lost a few more hairs
I think I’m going bald

I think I’m going bald

Seems like only yesterday
We would sit and talk of dreams all night
Dreams of youth
And simple truths
Now we’re so involved
So involved with life

Walk down vanity fair
Memory lane everywhere
Wall Street shuffles there
Dressed in flowing hair

Once we loved the flowers
Now we ask the price of the land
Once we would take water
But now it must be wine
Now we’ve been
And now we’ve seen
What price peace of mind

Take a piece of my mind

My life is slipping away
I’m aging every day
But even when I’m grey
I’ll still be grey my way - Peart



Honey, honey… Do not believe everything you read in your religious books. They also say that women are impure, that all creatures from the bottom of the ocean are inedible, and you can part seas in half if you are a believer.

Look up male pattern baldness on the net. Men are more likely to grow bald and it is from their maternal side that they get it. It is more of a male trait, but women can also have the problem.

The biggest problem men make is that they don’t shave their heads when they are bald. It is the best way to go - not to mention it looks terrific!


Aren’t we being creative tonight. :laughing:

What kind of book was that?

I have always been interested in the connection between body-type and public perception of it. In one study opinions were asked about bald men, The majority of opinions indicated that bald men were seen as more calm and mature than other men, thus it is possible that men go bald as an evolutionary indicator maturity.

Hi Dan,

sorry, but this is mundane babble.


Im not sure about baldness, but it could definetely be a result of karma. In essence, all physical maladies encountered can be religiously described as “demons” or the result of some evil things or ungodly act resulting in the accompaning manifestation of these karmic effects. The body being ephemeral is subject to decay, but our thoughts and actions help push this process along. Considering that the multitude of thought and action will invariably produce similar physical manifestations occuring from different causes, its hard to pinpoint exactly the causes of these ailments.

I know this is off subject. But I wonder why ILP has all these emoticons, specifically though two devilish ones, and no heavenly ones. And more importantly, theres room for one more to make the set appear complete. Whats the world coming to?

Bessey~ Unless you are a goddless or a godlike being, or claim that you have attain full enlightenment, your opinions on telling what people believe or what to do is no concern for me.

In regarding what religious book I got it from, it is from the bible, I think it is the book of Sirach, and said it was written by the name of Jesus, coincidence? ( or is it Jesus previously life)

In regarding to baldness is a sign of maturity, it would be true, if the person maintains in a state of nature like being, but the baldness could be the effect of unnatural causes like the effects of bad karma. However, the use of the word karma, is unscientific, and it will be hard to persuade people using religious terms.

Guys, the idea of Karma is a cruel and heartless invention from India to provide an excuse for why the poor are poor and why the rich are rich. It is the backbone of their caste system.

When you apply such ideas to poor sick people you end up doing a great injustice to them. For instance, I had a very nice mom. She was smart, funny, and taught me all kinds of good things and was never mean to me or anyone else that I ever saw. In fact, I knew that she would go on covert missions to secretly give poor people food, and a variety of other things that were generally uncalled for. After that kind of life, she ended up dying from cancer in a long and very painful way.

So, who’s going to say that that was Karma, and if so, may I please have your full address, so that you can earn your Karma.

All men with full heads of hair should shave their heads and then wear bad toupees. I think that would be fun. And we should all grow moustaches. Nothing is more absurd than a moustache in this day and age, especially among the young caucasian set. Outrageous. Then we should all get these old man caps, the wedge shaped flat kind that deflecs wind. Add penis implants, NO…BALL implants! Genius. We have EXTRA SKIN grafted to our scrotums and we walk around hitting on nurses.

Men with legitimate male pattern baldness have no choice but to spread rice pudding on the heads (and buttocks) evenly, and if the door knocks, that’s tough luck. You have to answer it with a straight face, the rule is, you can’t explain, you can’t apologize, and you can’t sing Stevie Nicks OR Stevie Wonder. I suppose an alternate rule would be that bald men are allowed to have facial hair, but not their own. They have to borrow facial hair from friends, but only friends named Chad, Carl or “Goose” are eligible. If you have no friends with these names…YOU ARE FUCKED, BALDY!

Not at unlike European Catholicism…

The Adlerian wrote:

I am sorry that your mother had to experience that. And I do not wish to downplay the situation that your Mother experienced, but there is a reason for all, and what then do you feel is the reason for her pain? Chance? Chance is a limited perspective concept, it was created out of not being able to understand that which we cant know or explain at the time.

Im not saying your Mother was bad and she got what she deserved because of something she did while being your mother, but coinciding with the idea of reincarnation, it could have very well been a result of some things that she did in another life. And karma is a condensed word for reaping what you sow, it is considered in the Bible as well, not simply to justify the caste system. I can see why so many people would believe that God is cruel by allowing people to suffer as such, but God is good and just, and all occurs for good reason. Go beyond your reality of limited beliefs and understandings, and open up towards the possibility of truth.


Finding form where there is no form is the basis for insanity. Remember that.

The Adlerian wrote:

Seriously who said that? They were obviously considering physical representations. But there is infinite form everywhere, often times we just dont see it. How does this apply to what I have written? Could you explain further?

…becasue they touch themselves at night

Guess not???

dan,where did you get the idea god causes hair loss? are you a mormon or something?and karma? i’ll need that whole belief explained to me correctly. all i know is the law of cause and effect which is scientific,and if you can predict the effect of any cause,you are going to do and be very damn smart. liver cancer is caused by secret,internal parasites AND toxins that can be ignored by our brilliant medical system.these things are often downplayed(and ignored by saying they are something else that is incureable) and we have people saying cancer is incureable;that was what they wanted you to think so they can make money at all thier bullshit by shoveing expencive chemo and radiation up your ass~poisen and harmfull emissions that would make any healthy person get cancer pretty F****** quick!!!
damn sorry to hear it,TheAdlerian. i need more information obviosly,BUT i really hope you’ve not been had by all those ‘medical’ basturd-vultures.

:-s isnt baldness a result of stress on the brain? that’s what i heard, and it seems pretty logical too, the karma thing doens’t make that much sense as their are bad people with full sets of hair, and the god punisment thing also seems questionable since, why wouldn’t god make young people bald as well then? and how come so many priests and bishops are bald? It would seem that since most old men go bald, they experience a lot more stress in their life then young people have thus resulting in the baldness. But i i’m not saying it’s just the stress along, it’s also genetic :frowning: which is bad, because my dad is bald and well i’m gong to probably be bald as well :cry: , unless… i get some of that Rogain right now and start applying lol :wink: :sunglasses:

I want people to make a list of what they think of bald people.

in accord with what theadlerian wanted:i first found bald people odd and intimidating.it was less on old people because i kind of expected it.i got to know a damn fine bald person at age 23-24.he is alot more accomplished by a superficial standpoint than me and i respect him very much.when i learned the cause(at first i was kinda scared because i thought he had cancer,or some serious crappy disease) it was that he grew up in a mineing town,and all this hair fell out at an early age,for no obvious reason. we figured it was thalium poisening,because he had white lines on his nails and baldness was a side effect.by early age, i am guessing his teens. hope this is what you were wanting adlerian. i have like no social interaction these days,but am more understanding and clement about baldness these days i’m sure.

thalium poisening

That would have killed him.

No, I am looking to find out how blad people make you feel (use names of emotions) when you see them.