Without ______ life would be a _________.

“Without music, life would be a mistake. I would only believe in a God who knew how to dance.”

  • F.W. Nietzsche

I have this … tic, shall we say … where I replace the word “music” with anything else that I am liking at the time. Does anybody else do that? Fill in the blank(s) (see thread title) in a comment below.

…unless you do the directional wiggle butt dance. Everyone except you.

Without skunks, life would be more empty than it is now.

Without pancake rabbits, life would be less funny :slight_smile:

What can i say? It’s true.

:slight_smile: :laughing:

Without the stars and animals, life would be such an unfinished product.

Well, life is actually such an unfinished product. It is up to us to continue creating or manufacturing it. lol

It’s a dirty job that’s never done. :slight_smile:

Here’s to new things!


dan i was in ft bragg, california last year and i was gonna ride this skunk train but it was raining when i woke up so i just didnt do it but i wish i had


Mr. R, that’s a sister train to this one I’ve wanted to do forever:

lets do both of them ill fly out itll be awesome

Yeah!! You can bring Meno_ & Ec & we can comb the beach for chess pieces afterwards.

Without carne asada, life would be less delicious.

ec cant be invited. i cant be friends with him because he promised to leave ilp forever if i beat him in a debate. then i beat him in the dabate, (quite handily i might add), and he went back on his word and refused to leave. i cant be friends with dishonest people. my ethics wont allow it. what made it even worse is that i forgave him for the whole thing, and he still keeps on saying he wasnt wrong.

link or it didn’t happen

he’ll show up soon enough to pretend like he won the debate, (which i clearly won). or just ask him.

I’m calling it a draw by repetition unless proven otherwise.

i never learned how to use the search function here. if you know how, just search for it. its there.

like i just learned how to do an emoji a few months ago. im not into computers and technology and all that sort of stuff for real.


I literally don’t know anything about any of that stuff at all ever and I’m not even pretending.

It’s possible I used to know some stuff but I forgot all of it.

In any case I do not constitute a threat to national or global security as far as I know right now.

Without unknowns life would be less surprising.

ask him about it. itll be awesome

I couldn’t care less tbh.