Women Suffering Under The Evil Patriarchy.

This thread is devoted to women suffering all over the world under the evil male patriarchy. Fight the power! :sunglasses: :-"

Here in this thread we explore biographies of patriarchal oppressed women globally. :-"

Feminism and girl power!

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Read more at myfirstclasslife.com/10-wealthie … Rh0scrJ.99

Man, I wish that I was oppressed like this…Where can I sign up? Must need a vagina or something… :laughing:

Unfortunately for you, only the rich can afford to have those as well.

Alright, I give up! Which one of these is oppressed by the male patriarchy?

That woman, is oppressed by the lack of a male patriarchy, to provide her with proper plumbing systems.

Instead of a patriarchy, she is surrounded by tribal gender homogeny, which usually results in delusional, religious males who act hypermasculine to compensate of their lack of masculinity, kind of like asians, but unlike japanese are very religious minded. Instead of religion, this is manifest as obsession with japanese traditions, which then transforms into bizzarre intellectual rebellions, diverting yet still ultimately conforming with the aesthetics and traditions.

Look at my last post again. :laughing:

Neither are oppressed by the patriarchy.

Alright, just checking. It’s all so confusing.

The way I see it, feminism is like a rich bitch boy fanclub.

Imagine a lavish whorehouse of rich men and their bitch boys. The bitch boys take it up the ass everyday, when the alpha’s aren’t around, they talk amongst themsevles. John said this to me today - Peter said a homophobic remark! Egads! Then they hug each other in the shower room.

They talk and complain about meaningless things, but this is all part of the narrative. They are complaining to their daddy alpha’s, the rich men of the club which they are part of. Their diatribe, is not meant for outsiders, but it is meant only for outsiders to hear, but not participate in. We are merely outsiders, listening into an elaborate drama, a play, a soap opera, amongst bitch boys and their wealthy counterparts.

Picking out 2 super rich women and then saying there is no patriarchy is like saying that there’s no racism because a black guy is president.

There is a patriarchy, but the question is it inherently bad. It has good components, and bad components. The question is, would a female run matriarchy be any better. It doesn’t seem like it based on feminism, it seems like a female run matriarchy would deny males the right to have sex or sex fantasies. It also supports fascist views and suppression of free speech and advocates severe punishments for stating opinions. If we had a matriarchy I doubt we would have flushing toilets, the majority of inventions are made by males. In terms of War, Hillary Clinton is just as bad if not even more evil than Bill Clinton or George Bush. So if you think the CiA is bad being run by males, it would probably be even more fascist if it was run by women.

Second, even if the patriarchy is made up of males, we must ask is it women who are oppressed more, or men who are oppressed more. It would seem that men are still the ones who are oppressed more, even Anita Sarkeesian accidentally admitted this and blamed the patriarchy for sending men to die overseas. So, Joker’s assertion that women have more privileges than men, is still true in America at least.

It is debateable whether men in the middle east have more privileges than women. Men are prevented having sex and sexual fantasies until marriage. Im not sure if men there get to choose their wives, and men are expected to blow up themselves jihad and women are not, and some men over their are expected to carry out the duty of having sex with other men as a child because women are not allowed to have sex with the men, so young males are expected to carry out the duty of having sex ith men.

I really wish somebody would tell me what the criteria is for what is the final point in which racism and the patriarchy is destroyed. What does that world look like exactly? When can we say racism, sexism, and the patriarchy has been eradicated?

Apparently a black president and hundreds of billionaire females isn’t enough.

There is a patriarchy for sure but it mostly consists of five percent of the global male population. The extremely wealthy and powerful.

Somehow feminists got that confused with all males including the impoverished homeless ones living in sewer systems in that even in those places a menacing evil patriarchy still exists.

One black president in two hundred years plus a few female billionaires amongst the
overwhelmingly predominant male ones is not evidence of racial and gender equality

You have absolutely no idea how privilege works as your ignorance about it clearly demonstrates

Alright, so I ask again, what would it take for feminists and antiracists around the globe to be satisfied?

What would that world look like? What’s the end game or big picture?

Regail me. In other words, enlighten me.