Would you choose to be a God of dumb animals?

Would you choose to be a God of dumb animals?

Man plays God with his ants - Brilliant Video : videos (reddit.com)

Humans, to Yahweh, are quite inferior to himself. The term dumb animal might be used.

Our wisdom is more like stupidity to Yahweh, — is just one of the many verses that show how beneath Yahweh we sit.

We are also quite obtuse, to the point where we are told that the vast majority of us will end in hell and purposeless torture. We just won’t learn.

I would not want to be a god of any dumb animal. Especially if I had to genocide them now and again. They could not see my goodness. Just as I cannot see the goodness in a genocidal god.

Why does Yahweh want to rule over such a species as humankind, — when he created us to be so low and just worthy of just his godlike disrespect?

Sure, Yahweh says we are above angels, but god hates those for being even more stupid than humans. He even built a hell for them. He even used Noah’s flood to drown his own son’s of god.

I would not choose or desire to lead dumb animals.

Why does Yahweh want to be a leader of dumb animals?


More to the point [mine], if someone does believe in a God other than Yahweh, how might he or she go about explaining the world that we live in?

It is what it is. For all the animals. Why? What on earth might be going on in the mind of any existing God that would allow us to grasp, for example, why He brought into existence the Covid 19 virus?

Or these things: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extinction_event

Because he knows the odds to be in his favor, that he may not come across as playing with marbles.

Ergo ?:

What does your imaginary Yahweh have to do with creation?

You do not believe in talking serpents and donkeys, do you?

Do you not believe in evolution?


Even you or I would have the same odds if we herded the dumb.


What’s that got to do with my point?

Someone either does or does not believe in a God, the God. Pertaining to one or another particular religious denomination.

How about you?

What’s your own take on why the world around us is the way it is?

As for dumb animals, the overwhelming preponderance of them on planet earth are “dumb” only in the sense that their behaviors are predicated almost entirely on instinct.

The human animals on the other hand…what constitutes dumb behaviors among them? And how is this related to one’s belief in a God, the God?

That’s the exchange I’m interested in.

I merely insist that in discussing this we focus in on particular contexts.

If I was alone enough in the universe, or as the universe, then yes I would choose to be God over anything else. I’d use my creation as a mirror to better understand my alone-ness.

Yes, but only if they were selfish and ungrateful with non stop complaining and anger.

Haha, I’m an ungrateful wretch, shut me up with paradise.

You say that every lifetime until you get bored with perfection and want to play the part of a dumb animal again for shits and giggles. :evilfun:

I just like the wake up from “that was a fun nightmare” part.

I wanted to see what believers though of being though so low by their god. Or. What others who did not believe think of the whole scenario.

You have your own issues so start your own O.P. if you like.

Invite me if I miss it.

I will say that I Q does not seem related to belief, but statistically, there are more dumb believers than non-believers. I base that on personal experience and stats.


No punishment and all end in heaven with you in charge.

1 for you, 0 for Yahweh.


You describe Christians who pray all day and do not like reality.


I was describing most people, you and myself included.

Lots of people love, care for and study ants.

It’s not unusual in the cosmos for people to love less powerful beings.

That being said, you have a very rudimentary grasp of existence.

Once you enter the world of spirit, you realize the ant is your equal. Then it just becomes a matter of forgiveness. Did you step on an ant by accident?

That ant can send you to hell by all rights.

You’re not as powerful as you think you are.

I am a totally awakened being. Not like the carrot that you can never catch (our plan to keep us from boredom by stating the ultimate goal is enlightenment; though nobody ever gets there)

The Buddha is false enlightenment. I’m the real deal. I’m fully awake. It’s not hard to be fully awake, all you have to know is that zero sum realities never work. Of course, I can teach much more than this, but the bare bones of being fully awake are twofold:

1.) zero sum realities never work
2.) all of this reality is a plan we all signed up for to avoid being bored forever

That’s all being awake is. Nothing more. Nothing less.

God was just an innovation. Other innovations?

Memory wipes

All innovations.

That’s the current plan. To know that is to be awake.

People choose not to wake up; somewhere in their subconscious they remember infinite boredom, and they avoid it like the plague.

I have my own O.P. on my own thread for that: ilovephilosophy.com/viewtop … 5&t=186929

And you’re invited.

In other words, you yourself either believe in a God, the God – or in a No God religious path like Buddhism – or you don’t. And, if you do, then you will almost certainly be connecting the dots [in your head and in the behaviors you choose] between morality here and now and immortality there and then. And, for some, relating that to the world we live in. Given the fate of all the animals – dumb or otherwise.

Thanks for not speaking for me.


Your spirit is garbage if that is what it tells you.


I am a Gnostic Christian.

I will take morality and death before I take the immorality of the mainstream religions by adopting their satanic theology.

There and then is a fantasy for the gullible. There is only here and now.