Wuhan China ended their Lockdown 7 months ago

Imagine living in a country or place unaffected by the Covid scamdemic, where people can go about their daily lives, act freely, and don’t have a care in the world…

OH WAIT, WHAT’S THIS?! (thank you Mark Dice)

yahoo.com/news/photos-wuhan … 53193.html

Fuck you everybody who backed and pushed this Scamdemic, fuck you Communists, and fuck you anybody destroying Western society.

I don’t think the lockdowns are just about Covid… :-$

As I explained in another thread, China took severe Draconian measures to stop the spread of the virus. The action our government took isn’t even in the same city, much less the same ballpark.

So yeah, if you want to trade China’s current situation with ours, then maybe you should be advocating for our government to be doing the same thing.

Or the more realistic situation: it’s a SCAM.

Occam’s razor is not on your side in this scenario.

Your argument is that “China locked down better than USA”?

That’s not a good argument.

Wuhan, the source of the outbreak, has been out of lockdown for several months according to the article. Explain it.

They incarcerated people without their consent. If the virus spreads via contact and they forcefully cut off contact, I think that’s a pretty good explanation for the more limited spread. It’s a valid point.

The information is not adding up.

A three-month lockdown and “not had a reported case of COVID-19 since May 10”.

And your argument is “they lockdown better than us”, doesn’t really mean anything, nor do you have sufficient reason that a “better lockdown” would result in “not a reported case since May 10”.

How about US just stop “reporting cases” too, that would end the SCAMdemic.

There is more evidence to suggest China both manipulates reports to cast themselves in a better light, and that they enact much harsher lockdown measures, than there is that COVID is “fake,” whatever that means.

“Look!”, said Janet.
“What at?”, said John.
“It’s a picture of a Scamdemic!”.
“Oh”, replied John, " I can see a great skateboard slide!"
“Oh yes”, and she ran happily after him.

ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpspr … _v2-nc.png

The reason Wuhan is COVID free is for the simple reason that they OBEYED the loakcown. They did not complain like whinginly little twats when asked to STFU, shut yourself IN and wear a mask when asked to.
Wuhan is COVID free, because they are free of moaning rightard complaining about theit loss of freedom boooo hooo.
They are COVID FREE because they accept that it is not a F ing SCAM. Covid is real and killing 3000 people per day in the USA because Americans are whinging a holes.

I think you need ot borrow a BRAIN. Several people have explained it to you.
It’s you sense of freedom which is making you blind.
COmmunism has worked to stop the virus.
Which is pretty ironic.
In fact it makes you look a bit silly.

It makes you look like a liar, idiot.

It means that you’re duped.

I actually followed the mortality rate. It was never a serious threat, especially in the first 3 months.

It’s a SCAM.


The Chinese went back to normal after only a few weeks of lockdown, and went back to work by cramming themselves on public transport and into their places of work.

Sure… the country eventually got its citizens back under control, but the Chinese acted like many other countries did, in that they refused to be locked-down.

So what you are saying is that those who apparently created the virus, certainly spread the virus to the West, and are currently still spreading the virus in the West, got over their own small breakout quickly. So the West should be like they are.

Yes there does seem to be a shortage of brain in this mix.

You are making a damn fool of yourself.
American is fucked because of antimaskers.

Says the person who hasn’t done any of the investigation work necessary to know when he is being lied to. Are you also one of those people who don’t believe there was any fraud and that conspiracies don’t exist - “nothing to see here - move on”? - almost the definition of a “fool”.

I mean I’d technically argue that they could not disobey the lockdown.