Your biggest fear , ever

My greatest fear is:

Describe in detail with the most honesty You can muster up.

I’l l start:

My greatest fear is finding out after i kick the bucket, that God really diesen’t exist
.underneath that is subordinately connected fear that i never find out ( if God exists)

The last subordinate result of the above two, is, the fear that if I never find out, then it follows that I can never die.

(But if the last is true, the it is also feared that I was never born)

but lastly if I was never born than life has no reality and it is merely a dream like state ,and we are mere simulations. , to stimulates our self through others.<<<<<<<<<]<<]]]]<[[Your turn to dare:

Note: your unwillingness to publish your most inner fears is not tantamount to hiding behind a glass wall which protects you living on a glass house from which you are prohibited to throw stones from. In fact it may not even disclose even the fact that you may harbor any fears at all, even the fear of throwing stones at the glass house the writer of this act of courage lives in.

God is real. I fear people the most…I fear their ideas of God and how they conflict with my idea…I fear non-believers…etcetera…

Is God a single entity - is God the whole pattern as opposed to the seemingly individual hyper patterns…I don’t know…I am connecting to it nonetheless IT = God

The detail of my fear is too long…

My worst uncontrollable fear on Earth is heights. My worst fear elsewhere is being unworthy.

Without it doubt death is my greatest fear. I suppose it’s everyone’s greatest fear and when they think they fear most other things their fear of death underlies.

I keep this fear in check by reminding myself that since death probably entails absence of consciousness, I will not experience it and therefore fear of it is unwarranted. Life after death is another possibility. It’s not one that I fear though.

But socially directed fears are quite real as well and they seem to have to do with losses to the ego or self-image and the negative emotions that flow from that.

I agree about socially directed fears, mine is public speaking so my most recent attempt to overcome it took place in an acting class. First off the cuff reading up in front of the class, I started off great but about mid-way through the monologue the script began to tremble in my hand (however my voice and face remained composed) and by the end of it, my hand looked like it was experiencing a seizure. So, that is another fear that seems almost instinctual to me, of the more personal variety of fears. Unexplainable, lurking personal fears may stem from past lives from which I have no recollection. Those personal fears may mark a horrible decision that haunts my soul, scarred it instinctually, for it doesn’t make sense to me in its development and there seems the impossibility to overcome it, it just keeps lurking.

Death. I have the fear of a excruciatingly painful death but its more about the pain, than the death. I have a greater fear of what’s on the other side of death, waiting. If its judgement, especially mine own judgement of my actions, that would not be good for me since I struggle with the generosity of forgiveness.

My biggest fear is loosing my mind / goodness.
I tried so hard for so long to develop my mind and virtues.
I’d hate to loose them.
But i don’t want to cry over spilled milk either.
So hopefully if i did loose it, i would loose it gracefully.

I think mine is an inability to make myself understood. Not in any particular circumstance, but just in general.

i aint afraid of shit

Shit is afraid of getting flushed?

i would think so

If the constituancy is consudered, I would have thought it would be hesitent to be swalloed, digested, before being grown and butchered.

Although,by processes of elimination does many forms, change and. leave others to renew and reabsorb for future use.

The above can be simplify into -shit happens!

You can tell that GPT-3 doesn’t understand fear. Should I suffer the most horrific things forever or perpetrate the most horrific things forever in order to “conquer my fear”

Should I not try to defend myself to ease the minds of loved ones?

I’ve dealt with very harsh possessions for 13 years now. (Yes they do exist)… why do I fight them instead of just say “go for it, do whatever you want with my mind and body”. Because… I care. My greatest fear is to not care.

That’s why people don’t negotiate with terrorists.

They’ve already violated your trust. The ultimatum is empty. This is where you don’t play hypothetical games to “preserve yourself or others”.

(It’s reply to what you just said)

[size=85]"GPT: You should not negotiate with terrorists because they are the worst of the worst and you’re playing with fire.

That statement seems like a contradiction in terms, but in the case of the U.S. government, this is exactly what the Obama administration has been doing. They have been negotiating with the very same group that just beheaded U.S. Army private Jeremy Sues.

The government of Yemen is negotiating with the Islamic State for the release of 500 of their prisoners, including Abu Laith al-Libi, a former al-Qaida spokesman who was once believed to be a close associate of Osama bin Laden. It is unclear how negotiations will be structured, but the United States hopes the release will be part of a broader cease-fire to end the war between the government and Islamic militants. The administration is offering assurances that Abu Laith will be treated well, and will probably never be put on trial.

It’s unclear if the negotiation will even bear any fruit, but then, this is a group that recently beheaded yet another American soldier, this one a Navy SEAL. These terrorist acts may just be acts of show, but the actions that they’re taking are the actions that people around the world are watching and are being swayed by, not just by Islamic extremists, but people who want the US to live in fear of these kind of attacks.

And for the administration, it has made no secret that it wants to negotiate with them, and they have openly stated they will not only be willing to negotiate with these terror groups, but to work with them, rather than to defeat them.

Now, according to Reuters, sources say that the U.S. is willing to go even further than that, as it is reportedly willing to give them millions of dollars, including food and money."[/size]

ayylmao AI is woke

AI still has a ways to go.

I’m the person who actually knows what being awake is…

Ask the AI what being awake is.

Umm… billions of people can regurgitate that!

Actual enlightenment is knowing that negative zero sum existence means that we can only be in better or worse hell realms for all beings in existence.

Beautiful, Parodites.

But human only human tries to reconnect all the multiplicity of ends with equal amounts of beginnings, and we in the middle en-mass, can’t possibly makes sense of it; wether the mass is of a multitude, or a singular person .

At any rate , either one leads to singularity, and the question of it’s beneficience has not been worked out- but certainly been prophesized ad-nauseum.

The biggest fear about the Superman/God paradigmn is, that may be led astray his own unelected black holed weight,(messy mass), that by the action of very creation, plants the seeds of gravitational collapse.

Course we will never know , therefore it never really happens, but that can not compel - not to re-trace our steps back.