Dan's Plans

Can’t go wrong with cheese!

That’s right Flannel.
I buy shredded marble cheese all the time.
It is key for tacos, casseroles, pasta, etc.

Today I had a dude view my apartment for room mate plans.
Tethloach is his name.
He seemed positive and he liked my place.
So now he just needs to do the paper work with the management.

He cooks rice and bakes things in the oven,
but he doesn’t seem to be a full-on cook.
I will show him some dan cuisine.

My latest food has centered around rice, avacado oil, mixed veg,
curry sauce, cheese and hot dogs. It’s one of my top creations.

I visited the Than Than restaurant the other day.
Best rice i ever had.
I don’t know how they did it.
This is a mystery in my life:
How do i make rice better?

Maybe one day ill figure it out.

That’s my plans for now.

Some tips that might help if you weren’t already doing them:

Add vegetables to the rice as you make it, as if you were making a broth. Add twice as much water as rice, letting it boil and then reducing the heat to minimum, leaving it covered that way for about a half hour, once the boiling water is par with the rice. Don’t never use parboiled rice such as Uncle Ben’s, but some Asian rice like Basmati or Jasmin.

Just in case. These things will make rice soft, juicy and flavourful.

For the vegetables I recommend half an onion, one or two teeth of garlic, and half a green or red pepper. Plus any other vegetable you like in a stew.

There is an ultimate secret to making the juiciest, most perfect texture rice, but it is for very special occasions only as it will reck your stove top. I fell into it by mistake long ago.

You switch it up. Boil it covered for about 10-15 mins, then on minimum heat uncovered for about 30 mins.

and what Flannel, and what!? You heard the man…

Lel :joy:

I thought this guy, Tethloach, would be a great room mate. But he changed his mind. Now I have Patrick, which is even better than Tethloach, as far as i can tell. We did a viewing. He now needs to sign up on the paper work.

Good luck Dan, but brace yourself too. Cautious optimism.

Cohabitating is hard even with the most compatible of people. Patience, good will, and the option of not renewing should it come to that.


I just tried this yesterday.

Veggie sauce. A new flavor i can use in my combinations.

I highly recommend it to anyone.

I have 2 room mates now, husband and wife, splitting rent with me.
They helped clean up my whole apartment without me even asking.
We shared food, too.
Ethan thought it was a bad idea. But he made a mistake.

I had Thahn Thahn rice again recently.
Such super fine rice. <3

I might be getting a blender tomorrow morning,
for fruit smoothies and soup. If not Saturday,
Monday for sure.

I hope life has been going well for all my readers.

Keep up the good work, if you can.

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Glad to hear from you Dan, I was starting to get worried as to your whereabouts.

I’m still eating only meat and eggs only, but I did buy/eat a 138g bag of Starburst Original yesterday evening… it was a much-needed most-welcome treat. :yum:

Thanks for your concern.

I plan to visit this restaurant soon.
I had a hot dog sandwich earlier today.
Not much to report.

What part of the food pyramid are starburst? Egg or meat? :thinking:

Not much news, is probably good news.

The restaurant looks top notch… so a good choice, I’d say. :ok_hand:t3:

Well… lololol :grimacing:

…see, after an Autogenic Training clinic on Friday I was so physically-exhausted/weakened that I reached for some (very low allergen) sweets in the hope of a quick refuel… I was still feeling physically-weakened + mentally-exhausted yesterday, with some mouth ulcers to prove it, but a big improvement today as I was able to hit ‘da weights’.

This is only the second time this year that I’ve had a (low allergen) snack, and the mouth ulcers have all but gone.

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Love to hear it


Thanks… :grin:

So, yesterday/tonight, I gave my potato food to try, for Hazel and John : my room mates.

Hazel rated it a 9 / 10, but John didn’t want any, because it had cheese in it.

Before that, I shared a Safeway fish patty with tartar sauce,
with Hazel and John. She rated the fish a 10 / 10.
Since she liked it so much, i will probably buy more in the future.

I made 8 baked potatoes, with cabbage onion dip:

Tomorrow I get to visit with Todd and we’ll visit the Thanh Thanh.
This will be his first time there.
Earlier in the day, ill probably go to north gate mall.
I want to buy extra canned chili and toppings.

“Tomorrow I get to visit with Todd and we’ll visit the Thanh Thanh”

So, today me and Todd went to that restaurant.
We each had a few things to say. It was a good visit.

In the morning i got 3 cans of chili, 2 bags of salad, and 1 loaf of bread.
I also had tea at Tim’s.

I talked to my friend Todd about a idea i had.
Some day having a big house and letting a lot of people
live there for cheap. Including in tents on the lawn.
He thinks it would basically be too much work
and too much cost, to have a set up like that.

But it is still something to think about.

This is the menu.
It is only a few blocks away.
What should i try next?