My spirit

If you offered me all my dreams to come true forever or oblivion, I’d choose oblivion.

Armageddon is the war between those who want to violate consent vs. those who don’t want to violate consent.

It’s a horrible war.

Most people feel proud of their relationships at the exclusion of others. They’re on the consent violating side of the war. That’s almost everyone on earth.

Who do you think is going to win the war if almost everyone is on the wrong side?

Responding to this video:

Not even God can grant that wish more than he already does. Also, if sex is like your apartment, or anything else you want that not everyone can have or do, why do you have or do anything? Because loving others and self means you don’t wait until everyone has what you want (whether or not they want it) — though, you might wait for other reasons — because if it is true not everyone can have/do it, you ruin it for everyone who can (and wants to). That is okay for small things, like having seconds of dinner… but not for anything that is a need. We should want to see met (not necessarily through direct observation) as many people’s needs as possible.

In that video, you say you are 44, which … if it is true you are now 47 … was not 8 years ago (you or your hacker commented to your first video that it was 8 years ago … If you are 47, it was only 3 years ago. If it was 8 years ago … you’re 52. Or, perhaps you do not have a firm grasp on time? … in sum… If you are 47, then it wasn’t posted 8 years ago… Which means that if it was a hacker, they were being your wingman. And it was probably you!).

But anyway. Let’s say you’re right & the final war is between consent violators and consent respecters. Your consent structure ends where my consent structure begins, & vice versa. Obviously that is not my body or your body. The structure of spirit is the structure of consent.